As we follow the introduction of Ohio H.B. No. 209, attempting to further restrict the payday lending business, it is important to be aware of information, both positive and negative, circulating regarding the payday lending industry.

We believe that the following items will be of interest to those following Ohio H.B. No. 209:

  1. The New Face of Payday Lending in Ohio, report by the Housing Research and Advocacy Center.
  2. Examples of A.P.R.s for various consumer transactions calculated by the American Financial Services Association.
  3. Letter of Governor Mark Sanford vetoing South Carolina bill restricting payday lending.
  4. An excerpt from an article regarding attempts to restrict payday lending in the last Texas legislative session and opposition to the reform bill by a minister speaking on behalf of his fellow African Americans in Texas.

The items mentioned above are attached to this Alert. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Darrell L. Dreher and Elizabeth L. Anstaett