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We have a substantial body of knowledge with respect to consumer, commercial and retail financing programs offered by financial institutions, credit providers, insurers and other providers nationwide. Over the years we have developed an extensive database of material on all aspects of delivering consumer and commercial financial services on an individual state and nationwide basis, including lender, broker, debt buyer, debt collector and holder licensing, the selection of states for the location of bank charters and programs, and various marketing and servicing issues such as the regulation of telemarketing and the use of automated dialing and announcing devices.

We can prepare tailored multistate law digests on any number of loan and credit sale products, (e.g., credit and charge cards, first mortgage loans, home equity loans, motor vehicle loans, boat loans, mobile home and manufactured housing financing, recreational vehicle (RV) loans, student loans, micro loans, revolving sales finance, and closed-end installment sales finance), as well as on deposit and other non-credit products, non-filing insurance, credit insurance, debt cancellation and debt suspension contracts, consumer and commercial usury, and automated teller machines (ATMs).