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Debt Collection Digest

Our Debt Collection Digest is a compilation of state and federal laws governing debt collection practices, along with monitoring and recording statutes and automated dialing and announcing devices statutes, as such statutes apply to debt collection, plus a summary of selected requirements under state and local licensing, bond and tax statutes. The topics include:

  • Overview
  • Locating the debtor
  • Communication
    • Timing and placement: With the debtor
    • Timing and placement: With the debtor’s family, employer and third parties
    • Other restrictions on communication
    • Ceasing communication
    • Envelopes and postcards
    • Postdated checks
  • Required disclosures
    • Validation of debt
    • Disputed debt
    • Other disclosures
  • General harassment
  • General misrepresentation
  • General unfair acts and practices
  • Other issues
    • Application of payments; receipts
    • Legal actions
    • Collector/creditor relations
    • Legal practice
  • Penalties
  • Summary of selected state licensing and bonding requirements
  • Automated dialing and announcing devices
  • Monitoring and recording
  • Appendices
    • FTC Staff Commentary on Federal FDCPA
    • FTC Guides Against Debt Collection Deception
    • OCC Guide to Consumer Compliance
    • Federal Reserve Regulatory Service: Consumer and Community Affairs
    • Code of Ethics and Operations of American Collectors Association
    • Code of Ethics of Commercial Collection Agency Section of the Commercial Law League of America