We are pleased to announce the launch of Law Digests Online!, the online version of our popular Digests series in Adobe® PDF format. Each Digest is fully searchable and easy to navigate using standard Adobe® tools. Law Digests Online! will replace our current hardcopy and soft copy products.

Access Is Easy

Simply go to and look for the Law Digests Online! button. Click the button to go to the Welcome page. A valid login/password combination is required to access the Digests and multiple simultaneous users are allowed. Bookmark the login page for future navigation.

Contacts for Digests Online! Assistance

For login/password assistance, please contact: Mary Kirkham, 614-628-8000, [email protected]

For technical assistance, please contact: Jennifer Billingsley, 614-628-1608, [email protected]

About the Digests

The Digests bring together the relevant laws of multiple jurisdictions into organized, standardized, easy-to-use resources. Each Digest addresses a different legal area or product and covers relevant statutes and regulations (and key attorney general opinions and case law decisions). Pinpoint citations are provided for ease of reference. The Digests seek to present a consistent approach to statutory construction and legal interpretation across multiple jurisdictions. The standardized formats facilitate rapid location of answers to particular questions, even under different statutory schemes. See the Preface of each Digest for further details.

DEALING WITH MULTISTATE COMPLIANCE ISSUES? We routinely advise on multistate matters, including strategic planning, licensing, program design, forms preparation, servicing, privacy, e-commerce, litigation and ongoing compliance management issues. We also maintain a list of local counsel when local contacts are desired and act as coordinating national counsel when formal opinions are required. In addition to our three major Digests — the Credit Card Digest, the Marketing and Privacy Digest and the Debt Collection Digest, we frequently survey the laws of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and U.S. territories for clients and maintain ongoing databases in a number of subject areas on variety of subjects from telemarketing to insurance, from debt cancellation to servicing, from home solicitation sales to debt management. See our web site for additional topics. Contact us for details.