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The FTC proposes to settle the charges against Dun &Bradstreet (D&B) for failing to fix small business credit reporting errors and deceiving small businesses regarding the benefit of D&B’s CreditBuilder product. In the Matter of Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., FTC Complaint File No. 172-3196, 2022 WL 190742. D&B stated that it has fully cooperated with the FTC and is committed to “operating with integrity, transparency, and in compliance with the laws that apply to our business.”

The FTC initially alleged that D&B failed to fix small business and consumer credit reporting errors. Other allegations involved D&B’s CreditBuilder product. D&B had alleged promised to “help” businesses by including certain payment history in their credit reports. The FTC alleged that D&B failed to accept numerous submissions and that D&B’s telemarketing agents falsely told customers that they were required to subscribe to the CreditBuilder product to obtain credit reports from D&B. Read More